Introduction of Fars Investment Services Center

Introduction of Fars Investment Services Center

  In order to support, facilitate and accelerate investment in the province, the Investment Services Center, in pursuance of the goals set out in the Law and Executive Order of Encouragement and Protection of Foreign Investment, approved in 2001, and the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 44458/29689 dated 8/2/2010 for the implementation of the Investment Organization Representative and economic and technical assistance of Iran at  the provincial level in 2010 in an independent location.

This center is a place for applicants for domestic and foreign investment in the province.

Foreign investors will get acquainted with the benefits and facilities of the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act, as well as the procedures    for obtaining a foreign investment license, by visiting the Fars Investment Services Center and during meetings with the experts of the Center.

  Also, representatives of 15 executive agencies are based in the center and answer the investment applicants' questions in the field related to the center-based operating systems.

Foreign investors can get help from the service center to connect with other government agencies and the private sector related to the subject of the project.

Organization of affairs and workflow at the Investment Services Center is such that foreign investors can access all the necessary information and solutions, and there is no need for frequent referrals to various executive agencies. The responsibility for providing the service at the center is not limited to the steps before the decision is made to invest, but investors can go to the Fars Investment Services Center to benefit from its services.


Services offered at the center to foreign investors

Services offered at the Investment Services Center to foreign investors in the form of services before obtaining licenses and services after obtaining a license are as follows:

  Before obtaining a foreign investment license:

     Informing and advising investors on issues related to accepting and supporting foreign investment
    Carrying out the coordination and support necessary for obtaining the licenses required by the investors, including the Declaration of Establishment, the permit of the environmental organization, branch licenses for water, electricity, gas and telephone, exploration and extraction of mines from related machinery before issuing foreign investment permits
    Carry out the necessary coordination and follow-up with the units of the related foreign investment applications
    Acceptance of investment applicants in the province and the pursuit of investment affairs through relevant executive agencies.
    Receive an application from foreign investors along with other required documents and in coordination with the organization in order to issue a license to investors.

After obtaining investment permission:

    Carry out the necessary coordination in the field of foreign investment in the stages after the issuance of foreign investment licenses including registration of joint ventures, registration of orders for the entry of machinery and equipment, affairs relating to the entry and exit of capital, customs and tax matters, etc.
    Follow up of measures after issuing foreign investment licenses, including administrative issues and foreign capital inflows
    Follow the administrative problems of investment applicants with other executive agencies
    Establishing coordination between devices to resolve investment problems and barriers to resolve problems by the governor and utilizing the standard support to resolve existing problems.
    Carry out affairs related to the supervision and management of investment projects by the Administrative Commission.

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